Institutional Profile

Institutional profile information collected with EQA Applications/Re-Applications is a condition of use for the EQA Brand. Institutions are required to submit accurate information at the time of application. If approved for EQA Designation, institutions are required to update this information each year on or before the designation anniversary date (May 1) as part of the EQA Re-Application requirements for EQA Designation.

Profile information will be used to assist in establishing profiles of institutions using the brand and confirming how the brand is being used.

Institution Details

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    • Enrollment
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    Authorization Details

    All information provided for and contained in the institutional profile will remain confidential and will not be made public on an institutional basis or in a way that has the potential to identify individual institutions. This information may be used by the Ministry for research and/or statistical purposes, as it relates to the administration of EQA Designation, brand use and related marketing activities.

    The institutional representative confirms that the information contained in the Institutional Profile Form is true and complete and gives consent for the information provided to be used by the Ministry for the stated purposes.

    Date: Mon Mar 19 05:39:55 PDT 2018

    Profile Creation Steps

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